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You Can See


You sit down next to me and say hello.

I don’t even budge when you accidentally step on my toe.

I can see you’re just a little one,

not a day over three or four.

You get settled and find what you’re looking for.

Your childlike curiosity comes out in your eyes,

as you raise your head up to me with a look of surprise.

And like the way of a child, who doesn’t know better,

you ask what is wrong with me and if something is the matter.


My sweet child, don’t be alarmed.

My body tells a story, that not everyone gets to have.

So, I feel very privileged to have what I do,

because it means I have lived,

and now I will share it with you.


You can see that I move a little slower,

because for years I have been trekking through life’s ups and downs.

So, now I go a little slower, but I still get around.


You can see the wrinkles that frame my face

and crinkle around my eyes.

They hold all of my memories,

and moments of great laughter.

There is no reason to hide them,

they are from all the moments that matter.


You can see that my hands are a little calloused,

and slightly bent and rough.

This is from years of working to provide for my family,

so I could just give them enough.


You can see the ring on my finger,

that reminds me of my loving wife.

And, although she is no longer with me,

I carry her memories with me for the rest of my life.


You can see that dashes of silver cover my hair

that was once a shade of dark brown.

This is from many years of learning,

and reading everything I can.

This is one thing a person should never stop doing,

So, I encourage you to do all you can.


You can see that I pause before I open my mouth,

because you can never take back your words once they have come out.

So, think before you speak, and ask yourself if it’s kind,

because there are times you will want to,

but, it’s not always worth giving them a piece of your mind.


So, in the end sweet child,

I wish the same for you.

Great moments of life, filled with hard work and laughter,

lots of learning, conversations, and a happily ever after.

But, please know, it doesn’t always go as you plan,

but that’s the wonderful mystery of life,

and why we must enjoy it while we can.














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