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Won't You be my Neighbor?


Won’t you be my neighbor?

I am here all alone,

looking for a new place,

one I can call my own.

I could use a listening ear,

and the gift of company.

I promise I won’t be noisy,

too talkative, or blue.

I often stick to myself,

but, would love to get to know you.

This isn’t an easy transition for me,

despite the smile that you see.

For underneath it all, I am quite nervous,

on what will come to be.

So, I appreciate your smile,

and your welcoming “hello.”

It doesn’t go unnoticed,

and is appreciated more than you know.


But, now some time has passed,

and my belongings are all unstowed.

I am starting to feel comfortable

in this place becoming home.

I am grateful daily

to step outside my door,

where I walk around the corner

and find what I’m looking for.

There you are, my neighbor,

with that smile upon your face.

The one I will always remember

from when you welcomed me to my place.



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