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When I grow old

When I Grow Old


When I grow old, what will I remember most about my life?

Will it be the transportation I took, the clothes I wore, or the items I bought?

Will it be the food I ate, the things I wanted, but couldn’t afford, or the places I never saw?

Will it be the books I never read, or the family I didn’t get to visit?

Will it be the relationships that didn’t develop, or the tears that were shed?

No, my dear, these are not the things I will remember most.

For, I will remember the friends that turned into family, and the time spent with those I loved.

I will remember the people who brought out the best in me, and the laughter that we shared.

I will remember the meals that we enjoyed together and the good company I kept.

I will remember the words that touched my heart, and the kindness from a complete stranger.

I will remember the unexpected surprises and the gift of gratitude.

I will remember life’s little detours and the lessons that I learned.

I will remember the strength I didn’t realize I had, to help pull me through,

and how important it is to enjoy life, because you never know when it will be over. 

For in the end, life isn’t all about what you saw or had, it’s about what you felt,

and for those memories, your heart will be full and glad.

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