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Old family photos



The years of my life have gone by faster than

I can turn the pages of my favorite book.

Just like that, snapshots of my life dance through my head

with some of my favorite memories being those of

tucking my sweet grandkids into their cozy beds.

There were hard times, sad times, and happy times, it's true.

But what matters most of all, is that I got through each of them with you.

The hard times challenged us to learn and to grow,

while the sad times taught us to embrace sorrow,

but not for too many days in a row.

The happy times taught us to enjoy each and every day,

because you never know when it's the last time,

before that special moment goes away.

The snapshots of my life tell a story,

as unique as the leaves on a tree.

All the while falling all around me,

filling me with special memories as far as the eye can see.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned,

it’s that it serves no purpose to have regrets,

for each experience offers life lessons,

and you must learn when to let go of the rest.

All the laughter, conversations, hard work and tears,

Have woven stories together that will last throughout the years.

As we embrace autumn all around us, remember to look at the falling leaves,

for they tell a special story for someone,

a snapshot if you will,

of some of life’s best memories.

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