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Ray Stone Senior Communities...Anything But a Nursing Home

Ray Stone Senior Communities...Anything But a Nursing Home


“Home is where your story begins.”  This holds true for our residents who move into our independent senior living communities located in Sacramento, Carmichael, Roseville and Grass Valley.  These seniors are presented with the golden opportunity to start a new chapter in their lives by making the transition into a retirement community.  Just like a book, they are embarking on a new chapter and creating a new story that they can share with family members, new friends and old.  Fellow residents and employees stand by their side welcoming them with full support as they travel down this exciting road and transition into their new home and life. 

As our communities grow and expand with active seniors, a whole new world of opportunity presents itself to our residents.  The senior living experience offered at Campus Commons, Hilltop Commons, Roseville Commons and Winding Commons is not to be confused with that of a nursing home.  Our full service retirement communities promote growth, education, friendship, a healthy and active lifestyle, recreational programs, camaraderie, and sense of family in a positive and welcoming environment.  The amenities and resident services offered are catered to create and implement an independent and active lifestyle that allow our residents to maintain a sense of independence, while creating a connection and support system at the same time. 

Ray Stone Senior Living Communities offer something special for everyone.  The Community Administrators, Marketing Directors and Activity Coordinators work together to create and foster a positive experience for their residents.  By viewing the monthly community social calendars, residents can plan their activities and select what they would like to attend ahead of time.  

Below is a sample of some of the wonderful programs and opportunities our communities provide.  These are just some of the reasons so many active seniors have made the move into independent living and call us “home.” 

  • Camaraderie.  Building new friendships and creating a sense of belonging is extremely valuable and important.  Just ask resident Bert Fadenrecht, from Roseville Commons.  Bert says, “I couldn’t ask for a better place.   I walked in and all of the residents I saw were very happy and very friendly to me.  You cannot find anything better, because I looked.  You don’t feel like a stranger here…and I’m 98 years old!”  Fellow resident, Shirley Ellis, moved into Campus Commons ten years ago after her husband passed away.  “I have lived here for the past 10 years and enjoy the friendly staff and the interaction with the residents.  They provide laughter and humor in a family environment.” 
  • Compassionate environment.  A caring, welcoming and friendly environment is what prospective residents seek.  That is one of the main things that attracted George Treco, a resident at Roseville Commons.  His main draw right away was the staff.  “All that they do for us and their personalities create a fun and great atmosphere around here.”  Bert Fadenrecht couldn’t agree more!   “The staff is always there to help out and they go out of their way to help us every day.” 
  • Activities and outings.  Residents have a variety of activities to choose from that cover a wide range of interests and promote an active and independent lifestyle and community.  There are trips to local restaurants, wineries, theaters and lakes.  Residents can choose to join the Gardening Club, Walking Club, or the Tea and Talk group for great discussions.  There are Happy Hours and Senior Socials that provide live entertainment, music, dancing and magic shows.  There are the monthly birthday celebrations that are enjoyed by all and special events to welcome new residents.  This year, Winding Commons hosted a special event to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and Campus Commons just hosted their big Casino Night, complete with gaming tables, a raffle and dancing.  The activities are another thing that drew Shirley Ellis to Campus Commons.  “I enjoy the many activities available to me, such as horse racing, bean bag baseball, chair volleyball and bingo.  Oh, and I can’t forget the Friday afternoon entertainment during Social Hour.  This is retirement living for me!”  Madeline Doughty, from Hilltop Commons, also enjoys partaking in Hilltop’s events.  “There is a lovely garden to work in and I also enjoy the informational seminars, craft classes and the fun excursions to town with the ladies.” 
  • Live Active, Live Well Week.  Live Active Live Well Week promotes healthy aging among seniors.  By encouraging our residents to engage in physical exercise and activities to maintain health and flexibility, it helps to keep our residents active, engaged and healthy.  This event at our communities last year had many resident participants and ended with a medal ceremony.  Besides Live Active, Live Well Week, Ray Stone Senior Communities offer a variety of physical activities such as chair volleyball, yoga, and bean bag baseball.   

The above independent living amenities, services and activities are just a sample of some of the wonderful opportunities and programs our communities provide, many which differentiate Ray Stone Senior Communities from a nursing home. They offer our residents the positive lifestyle and environment they desire, full of friendship, fun, learning and family.   Stop by today to learn more and see senior living at its best!

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