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Is it Time to Make a Move?

Is it Time to Make a Move?

The holidays are fast approaching and once again families come together to rekindle their love and concern for one another.  A common topic of conversation amongst many families facing the aging process is, “Is it time to make a move?” The holidays are the perfect opportunity to assess your own living situation, or that of a parent’s.  Having the ability to talk through it with other caring family members provides reassurance and support for all of those involved.  Although there may be times when you may think that everything is okay, there are specific things to look out for that could signal it’s time for a move into an independent living community.  

Please review the following warning signs below and educate yourself on recognizing if it’s time for you, or your parent(s), to make a move… 

  • The quality of the neighborhood they live in has changed and they no longer feel safe and secure.
  • The hardship of one spouse being the caregiver of the other is too great
  • My parents trip and/or fall frequently.
  • My parents are no longer able to leave the house to run errands and they complain about it frequently.
  • Their hygiene has noticeably declined.
  • The house is no longer clean and organized, but appears to be dirty and in disarray.
  • My parents no longer drive and they do not have easy access to another form of transportation.
  • Their refrigerator appears almost empty, with no fresh food available to them.
  • Meals consist primarily of microwaved foods.
  • Routine maintenance around the house has not been completed and things are starting to fall apart.
  • My parents ask for help with chores they can no longer perform on their own.
  • Their memory is slipping and they are forgetting to take medication, to turn off items around the house, etc. 
  • They mention they have no visitors and they are bored being home all day watching TV.
  • You find out that they have given money to people they do not know without verification.
  • They can no longer take care of basic things on their own. 

Senior retirement communities allow individuals to retain their sense of freedom and independence, while supplying a wonderful array of activities, amenities, and living accommodations.  At Ray Stone Senior Living Communities, we encourage our residents and family members to take a realistic view of how best to protect, enhance, and empower families to make good decisions based on the current living situation.  

If you see any of these warning signs, give yourself and your parents peace of mind and visit one of our properties today.  With senior living communities in Sacramento (Campus Commons), Carmichael (Winding Commons), Roseville (Roseville Commons), and Grass Valley (Hilltop Commons), there are multiple locations to find the right fit for you, or your aging loved one.  Stop by, take a tour, and find out why our residents “Worry Less…Smile More” at a Ray Stone Senior Living Community today!

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