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Enjoy the Autonomy That Retirement Promised

Enjoy the Autonomy That Retirement Promised


Does moving to an Indepen­dent Living Community environment mean giving up inde­pendence, or gaining independence? As we grow older, the idea of moving away from the home where we raised our families, shared mem­ories and created new traditions, is a difficult decision. Although our homes are filled with a sense of well-being, there is also the burdens associated with an aging home: maintenance; yard work, cleaning larger living spaces than we need, prepping daily meals for only one or two people; and the finan­cial burdens like the increasing cost of utili­ties. We find our family comes, not to visit and enjoy our company, but to help us with chores, and errands. Although retirement should pro­vide ample leisure time, do you find the days are filled with cumbersome duties which leaves little time to embrace friends and family and less time to prep those delicious home-cooked family dinners?

The residents at Ray Stone Senior Living Communities have been able to find the auton­omy that retirement promised. While living at a senior living com­munity, residents no longer have to worry about yard work, home maintenance, scrubbing bathrooms or launder­ing sheets. With two chef-pre­pared meals served daily in beautiful dining rooms or water-front patios, they once again have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a home-cooked meal with loved ones. What before felt chal­lenging to arrange social gatherings, now these wonderful events are planned and coordinated right outside your door, waiting for you to par­take. Communities offer a variety of educational events, artistic oppor­tunities, entertainment, exercise classes and outings that will peak your interest and provide the opportunity to gain new friends. Transpor­tation for shopping and doctor’s appointment means you’ll never have to fight traffic or search for parking again. Res­idents and their fam­ily find peace of mind knowing staff is available around the clock, should support be needed. The best part is these all-in­clusive communities handle the chores, util­ities and meal planning so you have more time to enjoy what is most important to you!

Ray Stone Incorporated is a Sacramento based family owned company that recognizes what a privilege it is to serve seniors. We live by the motto that all our res­idents should “Worry Less Smile More”.

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