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Leisure Manor Senior Living

Ray Stone Senior Living locations have a single goal in common. We strive to provide compassionate support for seniors to live enriched, comfortable, independent lives.

Leisure Manor is well cared for by an attentive staff, so residents are free from the daily tasks of home maintenance. And you can stop worrying about utilities, too – all utilities are included, except phone and cable. We also offer low-cost laundry facilities – only 50 cents to wash and 50 cents to dry. At Leisure Manor Senior Living, you will enjoy more time to attend to the things that matter most, like taking the dog for a stroll, catching a movie, or simply relaxing with a friend.

Plenty to Do
Space to Relax 

Sacramento is where the American and Sacramento rivers meet. The capital city is, in many other ways, where the many facets of California come together. The River City is chock full of multicultural art and exhibits, museums that explore California’s rich history, fabulous fresh food, and some of the best medical talent in the country. A temperate climate translates to mild winters and warm, sunny summers. Plus, in two hours, you can be in the mountains, or breathing the salt air of the Pacific, as you desire.

Affordable senior housing in Sacramento is within reach at Leisure Manor Senior Living. Our HUD- Section 8 housing experts can help you determine if you are eligible. We are excited to show you the benefits of quality senior living.

Experience Enriched
Health & Well-Being

Our dedicated staff creates and facilitates activities and events throughout the week at Leisure Manor. Gatherings and special events are times to come together and appreciate our vibrant and supportive community. Private studio apartments provide the space to relax and savor some quiet reflection.

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“This is as near perfect as it gets. The staff is concerned about the residents and responsive to their needs and desires.”

New Ways to
Engage Every Day

California has a colorful history, from the Gold Rush years to the construction of the railroads to its seat as the Golden State capital. It is easy to spend an entire day at any one of the fascinating museums and historic sites throughout the city. One or more of these destinations makes an interesting and enjoyable day trip:

  • Aerospace Museum of California
  • State Indian Museum
  • Effie Yeaw Nature Center
  • California State Railroad Museum Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum

Learn more about the government process. Free tours of the State Capitol run daily from 9 AM to 4 PM.

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Resident and her favorite employee posing for a photo together at Leisure Manor Senior Living in Sacramento, California
Couple chatting over dinner at Leisure Manor Senior Living in Sacramento, California

An Ideal Place to
Stroll & Reflect

Alone, with a friend, or accompanied by your small pet, a stroll along a park trail is good for body, mind, and spirit. Seely Park, Creekside Nature Area, and Carmichael Dog Park keep you in touch with simple outdoor pleasures.

Leisure Manor Senior Living offers equal opportunity housing for any senior citizen aged 62 years and older who meets all HUD Application and Leisure Manor Resident Selection Criteria eligibility requirements. We welcome eligible adults 62 years and older. Contact us today to start your application.

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